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Astringency in 1,024 Words

By Erika Szymanski Originally published in Palate Press: The online wine magazine It’s a flavor! It’s a feeling! It’s an airplane! No, it’s astringency! On the surface, astringency seems like pornography. It’s easy to recognize, even if it’s difficult to define. The problem is that it isn’t really all that easy to recognize. In wine, [...]

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Learning about wine the easy way – Start a wine tasting club

The more wines you taste, the more you will learn about wine and be able to find your palate. One of the easiest ways to do this is to start a wine tasting club. We did just that three years ago and I can honestly say it has been the most educational activity I have [...]

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Tasting Wine, Broadly Speaking

By Meg Houston Maker Originally published in Palate Press: The online wine magazine Pour a glass for each of us. Now, what does this wine taste like? You get apricot, I get peach. You like the acidity, I think it’s too much. You get a whiff of spearmint, I think it smells like wet stone [...]

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Israel Wine Shines Bright in Dallas: First Winemakers Come Full Circle

When I received an invitation from Alfonso Cevola of Glazer’s Distributors, a person whose palate I respect, to attend a celebration to kick-off Israel Wine Week in Dallas, I was curious. As you know, I love finding off the beaten path wines that I can introduce to you. And wow — while these wines are [...]

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Mollydooker: The Story Behind the Story

by Melanie Ofenloch Originally published in DallasWineChick.com When I received the invitation to attend a Mollydooker tasting, blending and dinner exercise with Sparky Marquis, I was a little star-struck.  As a marketing person by day, I have long admired the winery’s efforts to connect with other “Mollydookers” or left-handed people and build a brand that [...]

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East vs West: Cool Climate Palates and California Chardonnay

by Craig Pinhey Originally posted in Palate Press: The online wine magazine One very interesting aspect of the wine tasting profession is the notion of a regional palate.  The difference is clear to those who judge at competitions that use tasters from all over the world, or even just from different parts of North America, [...]

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Grand Cru Chablis

Grand Cru Chablis tasting, London by Richard M James Or “more posh Chablis” as an alternative title (that link subtly goes to a piece on my blog reviewing a few tasty Marks & Spencer Chablis back in December). I’ve selected my two or three favourites below from each of the 14 producers who aired their wares at [...]

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Germany: Reichsrat von Buhl ‘Grand Cru’ tasting

By Richard M James Reichsrat von Buhl ‘Grand Cru’ tasting Or “Grosses Gewächs” tasting to be precise, although the German equivalent of “Grand Cru” does sound more like a term of abuse than a term describing a first-rate vineyard site. I’ve been a fan of celebrated Von Buhl estate for quite a long time – I [...]

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Chile: De Martino Carmenere vertical tasting

De Martino, Isla de Maipo Carmenere vertical tasting and more… By Richard M James Originally published on www.winewriting.com. Welcome to the “dark side of my winemaking,” as De Martino’s winemaker Marcelo Retamal put it, tongue in cheek, as we tasted the 2007 vintage of their single-vineyard Carmenere. Fortunately for us, he didn’t don the full-monty [...]

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Minerality in wine: taken for granite?

The presence of minerality in wine is beyond a doubt a one of the most controversial and hot issues of the wine world. It stands among topics like climate change, the impact of ”wild yeasts,” biodynamics and natural wines, all of which are capable of generating extensive and sometimes endless discussions. Unfortunately for this specific [...]

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